One year on...



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    We were back again… a year on from when we first tested our drinks on the unsuspecting public at the Thame Food Festival of 2016. If last year’s festival was our baptism of fire, let’s see this year as our inauguration.

    Thame will always hold a special place in CEIBA’s heart. The quaint market town plays host to frequent meetings with our Prince’s Trust mentor at The Thatch – a highly recommended pub. It also plays an important role in the birth of CEIBA as it was here we first tested the drinks and gained the confidence to take it to market.

    I cannot deny that we miss the bustle and vibrancy of a festival in the streets of the town centre, but the festival in an open field brought with it some new delights – space, a community of dedicated foodies and a country festive atmosphere!

    Our drinks went down well – of course – with a new addition of some CEIBA Virgin cocktails that we made live and fresh. These went down a storm. The extra fruit sugars from our own made fruit infused syrups brought out even more flavour from the drinks. We’ll have to upload our recipes for the Ginger Mojito, Coco Raspberg and Mango Fire we served because they truly were delicious and shows what fun you can have without alcohol.

    It was great to see Liam and Ryan of Orwells Restaurant in Shiplake. These innovative chefs grow 75% of the food that ends up on the menu and their restaurant was voted Restaurant of The Year by the editors of Waitrose’s Good Food Guide. Congratulations to them and all the best on their next steps towards Michelin Star status. Proud to say they loved the drinks and now serve them at their restaurant.

    Next stop is the National Health Trade Summit up in Manchester. We hope to spread some healthy cinnamon love up North!