It all started in Mexico

    Ramon Levy-Vassie Founder of CEIBA Drinks

    From the boxing days – Ramon Levy-Vassie (Founder)
    Photo by Paul Vickery

    It did all start in Mexico… near Tulum on the Riviera Maya. That’s where I first tried the drink.

    My family paid me a visit as I was already living out there – we toured the country as well as pass through Guatemala and Belize. But in Mexico we discovered their love for cinnamon and a delicious drink they made from it.

    A traditional té de canela (cinnamon tea) is made by brewing the cinnamon sticks and adding a little agave with a twist of lime. I ended up hooked on drinking the pure cinnamon infusion which is naturally sweet. At the time, I was boxing and modelling (a strange combination) so the bonus was that it’s very low in calories.  And being on my strict boxing diet, it was a refreshing change from constantly drinking water!

    When I came back to the UK armed with the idea, I approached the Prince’s Trust, who are now backing the business, and got underway with creating the recipes… taking things a step further, we’ve added fruit flavours on top of the cinnamon infusion to create a refreshing range.


    Our drinks are made using real craft brewed cinnamon infusions – not a cinnamon extract or powder.

    We’re proud of every batch we make because each is uniquely different… we are 100% natural after all. We use the finest cinnamon known to man – Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon. It has a great aroma, a crisp flavour and it’s packed full of health benefits. It was even the same cinnamon the Mexican’s used in their teas. It’s really the best out there.

    We use a microbrewery to make the infusion base. Great temperature controls keep the infusion steeped at steady temperatures, drawing out the flavours, and we also pass it through two stages of filtration for a smooth finish.