The Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

    The Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

    The Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

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    Delicious and with an amazing aroma, the incredible benefits of cinnamon tea are also more easily absorbed by the digestive system so you’ll feel the difference faster!

    Among the many benefits of cinnamon include its use for regulating blood sugar levels, weight loss, aiding digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, an antioxidant, anti-coagulant, stimulates brain function… and the list goes on.

    The spice is rich in vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium and magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B1. It effectively treats diarrhoea, bloating, indigestion and helps boost the immune system. Traditionally it is an age-old treatment for cold and flu.

    A common use for cinnamon is for weight loss. The spice is thermogenic, increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. As an antioxidant, cinnamon is one of the most powerful in nature with an ORAC value high above garlic and acai. These antioxidants slow down cellular degeneration and reduce the effects of free radicals.

    Taking in cinnamon is great for your brain. It improves attentention, visual memory, recognition and processing speed as shown by Dr. P. Zoldz from the Association of Chemoreception Studies in Florida’s report. Zoladz found that cinnamon could be particularly beneficial for the elderly. Furthermore, cinnamon helps relieve inflammation and reduce pain and so can improve the symptoms of arthritis.

    We have looked further into the benefits of cinnamon and looked at the evidence for it’s use with diabetics, weight loss and the general benefits of cinnamon.

    CEIBA’s Recipe for the Perfect Cinnamon Tea

    You will find many recipes online that will tell you to put a teaspoon of ground cinnamon into some boiling water with honey… don’t do it! Well do it and you will get the benefits of the cinnamon, but you’ll miss out on the flavours and aromas of a truly delicious, real cinnamon tea.

    The one downside of our real cinnamon tea recipe is that you will need at least 30 minutes to brew it. But it is worth the wait and whilst the cinnamon is steeping in the warm water, you house will be filled with its incredible aroma.

    1. Take 15g of Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks (roughly 3 x 3” sticks)
    2. Bring 1 litre of water to the boil
    3. Add the cinnamon to the water and turn the heat down to its lowest so the water gently simmers.
    4. Gently brew the cinnamon for 30 minutes (1 hour if you have the time).
    5. Optionally filter the cinnamon tea through coffee filter paper.
    6. Again, optionally… Add a squeeze of lime/lemon with a touch of honey/agave