How to detox your body using 3 Bona-Fide Natural Tips

    How To Detox Your Body Using 3 Bona-Fide Natural Tips

    How To Detox Your Body Using 3 Bona-Fide Natural Tips

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    You’ve got to love a good detox. It’s like wiping a clean slate, breathing in some cool air and that feeling when your skin rejuvenates all silky and fresh the day after is worth it alone. It’s easy to go out of your way to detox your body so, trimming the fat, here’s our tips for a fast and natural detox that can slip into daily life.

    1. Sweat it Out

    You cannot forget that amongst other things, our body sweats to eliminate toxins. People who exercise regularly are constantly changing their oil so to speak so no wonder their skin looks pristine. But when we’re considering an all out detox, we want to take this sweating notion a step further. A great way to approach this is to do an early morning run on an empty stomach. Your body will have consumed anything inside you during the overnight fast so when you wake there is little in the way of impurities lingering around in your stomach. It should all be absorbed. Now is the time to run and sweat out the toxins so you can start the day clean.

    1. Himalayan Salt Cleanse

    Speaking of making the most of that empty stomach, the Himalayan salt cleanse is another great way to start detoxing your body. In the morning and before you eat breakfast make a salt cleanse by adding two teaspoonful’s of pink Himalayan salt to a litre of lukewarm water. WARNING: This is very disgusting to drink! So do it as fast as possible and within 30 minutes. Trust me, you will need that long to get it down you sip by sip. It’s also suggested that you lie on your left side so that the waters can drench your liver. ANOTHER WARNING: Be close to a toilet and perhaps evacuate your home of anyone else. The alkalinity of the water is designed to trigger its involuntary expulsion from your body, cleansing and flushing your colon in the process. If ever there was only one sure-fire way how to detox your body, this would be it. You will feel empty and cleansed within a few hours but you may need a while for your bowels to settle down.

    1. Make Fresh Herbal Teas

    Liquids and plenty of them will help flush the body of any impurities, but it is also helpful to use teas as they can carry some added benefits in the process. And not only detoxing your body, the preparation and aromas of teas has a spiritually cleansing power too. Our top 3 teas are as follows:

    Peppermint Tea – Great for digestion so ideal in this scenario where we’re focussing on cleansing our gut. It also the simplest of our teas to make. Pour some boiling water into a hearty mug and fill it with some fresh peppermint leaves. Allow the leaves to brew in the water for a good three minutes and enjoy the aroma in the process. A little sweetener does help to bring out the flavours but try and enjoy the plant in its essence.

    Ginger Tea – This one is also great for digestion but serves as an anti-inflammatory too. Cut a good inch off a ginger root and slice it thinly. There’s no need to skin it if you wash it thoroughly. Bring a pot to the boil and then simmer once you add the ginger. Leave the spice to brew for 10 minutes at a low a heat as possible until your water turns a slightly golden colour. The tea goes well with a squeeze of lemon and a touch of honey to take away the fiery spice.

    Cinnamon Tea – How could we not recommend a cinnamon tea? Bring a pot of water to the boil and then simmer after adding a few Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Don’t be stingy, I would say you need two small ones to every cup of water. This tea takes the most patience as you’ll need to leave to brew for at least a good 20 minutes (at CEIBA we brew ours for an hour). The rewards will be worth it and your kitchen will smell divine. Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory so there’ll be nothing but goodness entering your body (check out its health benefits here). And if you pick the right cinnamon, it will be naturally sweet so no need for any sugar.

    No need to make a meal of it. Dedicate the first half of your day to a cleanse using these three tips and then continue the rest of it eating kick ass healthy food whilst living well. And if anyone asks how to detox your body, send them over here!