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    Sri Lanka: A jewel in the Indian Ocean is an understatement!
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    More like a jewellery box filled with beauty and worth, Sri Lanka opened up to reveal a sight of breath-taking landscapes, calm and dynamic culture and a generous supply of the best quality goods straight from its rich soils. it was clear immediately that this place has its priorities straight and confirmed that we are in business with the…

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    how to detox your body with cinnamon tea Himalayan salt and sweat
    How To Detox Your Body Using 3 Bona-Fide Natural Tips
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    You’ve got to love a good detox. It’s like wiping a clean slate, breathing in some cool air and that feeling when your skin rejuvenates all silky and fresh the day after is worth it alone. It’s easy to go out of your way to detox your body so, trimming the fat, here’s our tips…

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    flavour equals nutrition
    Flavour Really Does Equal Nutrition: Follow Your Taste Buds but don’t be fooled!
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    Any grandparent will tell you, “food doesn’t taste anything like it used to!” and there is perhaps a scientific explanation behind that. A 2004 study evaluated USDA data for garden crops between 1950-1999 and found that there were statistically reliable declines for six nutrients – protein, calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins B2 and C. Now,…

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    Glass vs Plastic Eco Friendly Sustainability
    Plastics Aren’t The Enemy
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    Plastics have come under the spotlight recently as mounting concern, internationally, for the quantities of plastic in our seas and oceans has sparked debate as to why the UK is not doing more to address the problem? If there is an enemy, it would be single use plastics. Plastics we use and then throw away,…

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    Honey And Cinnamon Cures
    Honey And Cinnamon Cures
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    Let’s talk about honey and cinnamon cures… when it comes to medicine, and deciding whether something can cure an ailment, I think one should tread with extreme caution. By all means try things out, but why risk the health of your body on a cure which has not been substantiated? That is not to say…

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    Where does the best cinnamon in the world come from
    Where Does The Best Cinnamon In The World Come From?
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    …Sri Lanka   Seriously the best cinnamon in the world comes from Sri Lanka. Ceylon is the old name for Sri Lanka, and Ceylon Cinnamon, the finest cinnamon in the world, is named after it. So just to get an idea of where such a fine superfood might come from, we’ve attached this video by…

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    Merry New Year?!!… what’s lined up for 2017
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    Hello Ceibians and welcome to 2017! It seems a futuristic number so hence the Ceibian reference… Anyway, it is a big year for us as we will finally unleash our drinks. After much deliberation and refinement during the course of 2016, the drinks are pretty much ready to hit the shelves and the taste buds…

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    Trees of Life!
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    Here at CEIBA we have a love for our trees! Our drink is made from infusing the bark of a cinnamon tree and we named our tree after one of the grandest we know, the Ceiba itself. The Ceiba, the original tree of life, inspired conquistadors exploring the New World to seek out its origins…

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    Skye’s the Limit
    1024 692 Ceiba

    CEIBA is still a baby, so it was worthwhile taking the drink to a special place, Scotland’s Isle of Skye. It’s a special place to us because almost exactly a year ago CEIBA didn’t exist and we had visited Skye to feel refreshed and invigorated. It’s incredible landscapes with backdrops of cliffs, sea, cattle and…

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