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    13 Reasons to take Cinnamon Daily
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    Whenever you read about ‘super foods’ and ingredients, Cinnamon always ranks highly for its protective and antioxidant characteristics.  Here Ramon Levy-Vassie of Ceiba Drinks, which has recently launched a new range that uses cinnamon as its main ingredient, explains the benefits this ‘wonder’ spice delivers and why we should be consuming more of it on…

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    What others say: Cinnamon’s Health Benefits
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    It’s always great to learn from others around the web and increase our awareness of what’s going on in the world of cinnamon! Here are some great articles that do just that: Health Ambition’s 12 Benefits of Cinnamon 12 Health Benefits of Cinnamon? Reports Healthcare’s article on Foods for Hormonal Health Not just cinnamon, olive oil too…

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    cinnamon tea benefits
    The Incredible Benefits of Cinnamon Tea
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    Delicious and with an amazing aroma, the incredible benefits of cinnamon tea are also more easily absorbed by the digestive system so you’ll feel the difference faster! Among the many benefits of cinnamon include its use for regulating blood sugar levels, weight loss, aiding digestion, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, an antioxidant, anti-coagulant, stimulates brain function……

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    how to make cinnamon sticks
    How are cinnamon sticks made?
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    Ceylon cinnamon sticks are made like cigars – fine layers dried and rolled together. It comes as a surprise to many, but cinnamon is made from the inner bark of a cinnamon tree. So the craft in the producing the spice doesn’t just come from successfully cultivating it, there is also skilled preparation, drying and…

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    Thame Food Festival 2017
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    We were back again… a year on from when we first tested our drinks on the unsuspecting public at the Thame Food Festival of 2016. If last year’s festival was our baptism of fire, let’s see this year as our inauguration. Thame will always hold a special place in CEIBA’s heart. The quaint market town…

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    Cinnamon and Weight Loss
    Cinnamon and Weight Loss
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    We’ve looked at some studies for cinnamon and weight loss and it looks like promising stuff. For the cinnamon lovers out there, this means making sure you eat a few grams of the spice everyday if you a looking to lose weight… a sprinkle in some yoghurt here, a touch in some porridge there, a…

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    Science of Cinnamon for Diabetes
    The science of cinnamon for diabetes
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    Cinnamaldehyde has safe hypoglycaemic action on gestational diabetes by potentiating insulin secretion… Sooo, what does that actually mean? Cinnamaldehyde – an organic compound that makes up 65-75% of cinnamon’s essential oil (its flavour and aroma). You may have heard that cinnamon is good for diabetes here and there. Articles crop up (Daily Mail, Telegraph) and…

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    Ceiba Cinnamon Infusions Bottling
    Bottling: We’re one step closer to you!
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    March has been a hectic month. More specifically, the end of February leading up to the beginning of March has been a crescendo leading to an all-encompassing climax – bottling. I must admit, I do love the pressure of a bottling run. The date you often have to book a month in advance and you…

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    Thame Food Festival: The Acid Test
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    September of last year, CEIBA made a visit to the Thame Food Festival. This wasn’t a run of the mill event for us, not by a long stretch. Thame was our first unveiling of what we had been conjuring up to the public. It was the acid test. What many don’t know is that we…

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